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Business Solutions

With the help of our experts your organization will be able to clearly identify and understand the steps that need to be taken to better utilize the digital technology to maintain and increase competitiveness.

Our ECM solutions include a wealth of methods, strategies and software tools to effectively acquire, digitize, manage, store, distribute and archive documents and other content within your organization.

Our business analytics solutions enable companies to rapidly process and analyze structured and unstructured data from various sources to make better business decisions and to predict future outcomes.

Recent Posts

Digital Mind

Change in Digital Mind management team

Starting with February 20, 2018, our board member and COO Dmitry Grishin has become the new Chairman of the Board and CEO of AS Digital Mind. Ingemars Liakovicus, Digital Mind Head of Sales and Business Development will now serve as a board member of our companies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Edgars Stafeckis

Change Management Process in 8 Steps

Continuing his series of articles about change management, Edgars Stafeckis borrows some great advice from a legend and together they explain what steps to follow to increase your chance of successfully completing a change management project.