SigningServices is a software solution that provides convenient and accessible tools to integrate electronic signing in daily operations of any organisation.


Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Our ECM solutions include a wealth of methods, strategies and software tools to effectively acquire, digitize, manage, store, distribute and archive documents and other content within your organization.

Robotic Process Automation (BlueGoldRPA)

RPA can reduce the cost of labour and IT systems, as well as human errors and associated expenses, speed up processes, simplify compliance, improve customer service.

Signing Services

Signing Services is a software solution that provides simple and affordable tools for implementing electronic signatures in any organization’s processes.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The proposed solutions include a combination of methods, strategies and software tools that will be used to acquire, digitize, manage and distribute content and documents within the enterprise.

MS Power Platform & Low/No-Code

Low/No-Code framework enables organisations to develop various automatization solutions for data processing and business processes 3 to 4 times faster than developing from scratch. By using low-code approach, costs of systems development may be reduced by 70%.

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Digital Mind are business technology experts. We help organizations all across Baltic Sea region to bridge the gap between Business and IT.

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We believe that smart application of technology can deliver significant competitive advantages for any organization, and we can prove it with the results of our work.

We have used digital signing in Telia Eesti since 2005. In combination with Content Server workflows we have annually optimised and digitalised our document processes, so we can now say that we have a fully paperless office. I would recommend Signing services to businesses who value the working time of their employees and care about the environment.


We executed a business analytics project for LMT, analyzing the efficiency of our customer’s contact center and looking to identify opportunities to improve the overall level of service. After this project our customer received data based suggestions on how to improve the resource planning in the contact center, optimize employee workload, prioritize customer requests, as well as how to increase the overall process productivity.
Since 2005 we have helped Telia Eesti manage customer related documents as well as internal processes, starting from hiring to vacation planning and management. In addition, we have automated and digitized internal and customer related business processes. Smart e-archive allows Telia Eesti to securely hold and manage customer data electronically, while also being compliant to country-specific and EU laws and regulations. Today all 2400 employees of Telia Eesti use OpenText Content Suite ECM platform offered by Digital Mind.
Digital Mind helps Amber Beverage Group to eliminate routine and manual tasks with help of Robotics Process Automation (RPA), so that employees can focus on greater value added activities.
We helped Siemens Russia to introduce first paperless mobile office concept in Eastern Europe. We automated all content and process management in OpenText Content Suite platform, which, integrated with SAP ecosystem, made a single centralized digital work environment for over 1700 employees all across Russia.




”Microsoft CEE” Regional Director: this is the right time for process automation

Digital Mind

Robots are no longer a rarity in our workplaces, but we are now at a tipping point where their presence is set to grow very rapidly. For the first time in history, we are at a point in technology development where people without an advanced IT education can create applications and simple technologies to grow […]


Robot ethics and safety: what to consider when automating business processes in your company

Digital Mind

Science fiction films in which man-made robots take over the world and the creator becomes powerless in front of them are classics of the genre. While in the middle of the last century the evolution of robots seemed like a distant and perhaps unattainable future, in the last 10 years intelligent robotic systems have become […]


Webinar video recap 5/7: what is corporate governance and how to improve it with digital resources

Digital Mind

On March 4th, Digital Mind in collaboration with Law Office Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns held an online forum “Enterprise Information Governance in the New Normal“. Over the following weeks, we will regularly publish full speeches from the event on both the Digital Mind website and Youtube channel. Māris Vainovskis – Proper management of digital information: a cornerstone of good […]

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