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Why digital signing and SigningServices? Every organisation has records that require legally binding signatures. Be it industry specific regulated documents like in pharma, finance, telco, utilities, health, etc., or governance documents, applications, HR records, contracts and other - all are integral part of any organisations business. Advanced digital signature has equal strength as the hand-written signature and provides variety of possibilities to digitally transform your businesses while staying compliant and: enhance efficiency of internal processes provide convenient service to your customers and partners innovate in services you provide and markets where you do business We believe digital signing will be common practice in any organisations processes. Yet, multiple signing means, standards, formats, integrations make implementation of digital signing complicated and resource-intensive. Let us deal with the hassle! We have a solution that makes implementation of digital signing almost effortless - SigningServices. SigningServices is a software solution that provides convenient and accessible tools to integrate digital signing in daily operations of any organisation.

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The role of content management (ECM) system in a modern organization. Part 1.

Edgars Stafeckis

Edgars Stafeckis, the partner and consultant of Digital Mind is a regular speaker at various business conferences and seminars, where he is speaking also about the progress in the document management area in the world, in the Baltic States, in Latvia and in our company. Today, he has summarized the main topics of his recent […]

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Change in Digital Mind management team

Digital Mind

Ongoing change is part of everyday life in the Information Technology industry. Companies that are part of it must embrace change to maintain and increase their competitiveness. Understanding this axiom, we have made certain changes in the Digital Mind management team to be able to take better advantage of the knowledge, skills and experience of […]

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We audited document management practices of ABLV bank and planned a comprehensive ECM system according to functional and technical requirements. We later delivered, implemented and continue to maintain an ECM system for centralized management of documents and other content. Sophisticated E-archive enables ABLV to safely store and manage all customer information electronically, while fully complying with all internal and government regulations.

We helped Siemens Russia to introduce first paperless mobile office concept in Eastern Europe. We automated all content and process management in OpenText Content Suite platform, which, integrated with SAP ecosystem, made a single centralized digital work environment for over 1700 employees all across Russia.

We executed a business analytics project for LMT, analyzing the efficiency of our customer’s contact center and looking to identify opportunities to improve the overall level of service. After this project our customer received data based suggestions on how to improve the resource planning in the contact center, optimize employee workload, prioritize customer requests, as well as how to increase the overall process productivity.