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SigningServices is a software solution that provides convenient and accessible tools to integrate electronic signing in daily operations of any organisation.

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Digital Mind certified for OpenText Extended ECM for SAP

Digital Mind

Digital Mind AS – the leading OpenText reseller and technology partner in the Baltics – has over 15 years of experience in enterprise digitalisation and various SAP interfacing business process automation projects. Our expertise has been recognised and consultants have completed certification for OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions Foundation. Combined with our experience, certification assures our […]

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Electronic Identity Forum

Digital Mind

Discussions about electronic identity issues and challenges are becoming more acute and prominent, especially in our geographic region, home to one of the most digitally advanced societies in the world. 17-18 September 2019 the eID Forum in Tallinn will include an open dialogue between industry and governments, promoting discussions on eID technology and eID solutions, […]

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Digital Mind helps Amber Beverage Group to eliminate routine and manual tasks with help of Robotics Process Automation (RPA), so that employees can focus on greater value added activities.

We helped Siemens Russia to introduce first paperless mobile office concept in Eastern Europe. We automated all content and process management in OpenText Content Suite platform, which, integrated with SAP ecosystem, made a single centralized digital work environment for over 1700 employees all across Russia.

Our Open Text Content Suite based documentation management system won ERGO Insurance SE and ERGO Life Insurance SE tender as the best choice for an electronic document management system that includes external approval functionality (e-signature). Our project began with analyzing the potential, after that system was successfully implemented and now serves as a platform for a wide range of solutions (Intranet, invoices, documentation management), supporting overall ERGO digitalization strategy.

Digital Mind helped to implement multiple solutions that automate and digitalise business processes like: contracts management, procurement management, product quality management, new product development management, employee evaluation, internal audits, normative document management, advance payments management, pad-signing of delivery documents and other. These OpenText Content Suite-based solutions are actively used by holding companies in the beverage industry leader Amber Beverage Group around the world and provide significant savings of time, human and financial resources for the company's day-to-day operations. Digital Mind carried out the initial assessment of the situation, implementation and adaptation of the system, as well as the training of employees, transferring knowledge and competencies necessary for further independent maintenance and development of the system by Amber Beverage Group.

We executed a business analytics project for LMT, analyzing the efficiency of our customer’s contact center and looking to identify opportunities to improve the overall level of service. After this project our customer received data based suggestions on how to improve the resource planning in the contact center, optimize employee workload, prioritize customer requests, as well as how to increase the overall process productivity.

Since 2005 we have helped Telia Eesti manage customer related documents as well as internal processes, starting from hiring to vacation planning and management. In addition, we have automated and digitized internal and customer related business processes. Smart e-archive allows Telia Eesti to securely hold and manage customer data electronically, while also being compliant to country-specific and EU laws and regulations. Today all 2400 employees of Telia Eesti use OpenText Content Suite ECM platform offered by Digital Mind.