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Intelligent process automation

Reduced manual work, lowered costs, increased business productivity, and strengthened compliance are the key benefits of digital process management using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools. Analysts estimate that somewhere between 30% – 50% of work tasks could be automated in most of the industries and jobs.

Enterprise content management

Enterprise Content Management is a practice and set of technology solutions that help manage the entire lifecycle of critical business information and documents. ECM solutions are used to improve knowledge-worker productivity, streamline document workflows by eliminating paper-based processes, increase information availability, control, and transparency, and reduce operational risks.

Cloud business applications

Any specially designed and customized information management system that an organization uses to automate its processes and runs in the cloud. This is not a standardized product, but a special solution developed according to the needs of the organization. Cloud business applications using a low-code framework provides company autonomy, flexibility, and agility.

Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise resource planning, also known as ERP, is a system that helps automate and manage business processes across finance, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, human resources, and operations. Helping leaders gain insight, optimize operations, and improve decision-making, ERP systems break down data silos, integrating information between different departments.


We executed a business analytics project for LMT, analyzing the efficiency of our customer’s contact center and looking to identify opportunities to improve the overall level of service. After this project our customer received data based suggestions on how to improve the resource planning in the contact center, optimize employee workload, prioritize customer requests, as well as how to increase the overall process productivity.
Since 2005 we have helped Telia Eesti manage customer related documents as well as internal processes, starting from hiring to vacation planning and management. In addition, we have automated and digitized internal and customer related business processes. Smart e-archive allows Telia Eesti to securely hold and manage customer data electronically, while also being compliant to country-specific and EU laws and regulations. Today all 2400 employees of Telia Eesti use OpenText Content Suite ECM platform offered by Digital Mind.
Digital Mind helps Amber Beverage Group to eliminate routine and manual tasks with help of Robotics Process Automation (RPA), so that employees can focus on greater value added activities.
We helped Siemens Russia to introduce first paperless mobile office concept in Eastern Europe. We automated all content and process management in OpenText Content Suite platform, which, integrated with SAP ecosystem, made a single centralized digital work environment for over 1700 employees all across Russia.

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case study


Neste Latvija refuels and goes paperless

Digital Mind

Neste Latvija has significantly streamlined its fuel card application process – working together with Digital Mind, they have transformed their client onboarding and service experience from paper-based to fully digital. The fuel card is a popular service among Neste’s customers – it’s a payment card valid across all Neste gas stations in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland, which also offers other perks such as discounts with selected vendors.


Ziemeļlatvijas Mežsaimnieks sows the seeds for a sustainable and innovative future

Digital Mind

With the help of Digital Mind, Ziemeļlatvijas Mežsaimnieks (ZLM) has adopted a centralized project and data management system, which allows an efficient and intuitive task assignment and execution. Digital Mind implemented a well-proven solution based on the Microsoft ecosystem, which consists of a model-driven app, Power Automate, and SharePoint. By embracing this transformation, ZLM has affirmed its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

case study


airBaltic’s ground team gets off to a flying start with Microsoft Teams and Power Apps

Digital Mind

Thanks to the digital solutions implemented by Digital Mind, the ground-handling unit of the Latvian airline airBaltic has started using mobile devices to perform its duties, thus saving 1,000 paper prints. Accounting data entry time has also been reduced from 2 days to 15 minutes. Combining Power Apps and Microsoft Teams, the airBaltic team has […]

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