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SigningServices is a software solution that provides convenient and accessible tools to integrate digital signing in daily operations of any organisation.

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How did our Robotics Process Automation story began?

Digital Mind

Digital Mind partner Edgars Stafeckis shares his story on how did a relatively new automation approach – Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – came to be part of Digital Mind offering. Business processes improvement has been my passion since university, when we were solving various complex tasks in Optimization theory class. Working in a bank I […]

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When and how to use electronic signatures? Digital signing FAQ – Part 1

Digital Mind

We are constantly meeting private and public organisations in the region and discussing how to leverage the possibilities of digital signing in business processes and communication channels. While we discuss the rather technological aspects and how SigningServices solves them, questions related to the organisational and legal aspect sare always there. When and how to use electronic […]

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We audited document management practices of ABLV bank and planned a comprehensive ECM system according to functional and technical requirements. We later delivered, implemented and continue to maintain an ECM system for centralized management of documents and other content. Sophisticated E-archive enables ABLV to safely store and manage all customer information electronically, while fully complying with all internal and government regulations.

We helped Siemens Russia to introduce first paperless mobile office concept in Eastern Europe. We automated all content and process management in OpenText Content Suite platform, which, integrated with SAP ecosystem, made a single centralized digital work environment for over 1700 employees all across Russia.

We executed a business analytics project for LMT, analyzing the efficiency of our customer’s contact center and looking to identify opportunities to improve the overall level of service. After this project our customer received data based suggestions on how to improve the resource planning in the contact center, optimize employee workload, prioritize customer requests, as well as how to increase the overall process productivity.