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airBaltic’s ground team gets off to a flying start with Microsoft Teams and Power Apps

Thanks to the digital solutions implemented by Digital Mind, the ground-handling unit of the Latvian airline airBaltic has started using mobile devices to perform its duties, thus saving 1,000 paper prints. Accounting data entry time has also been reduced from 2 days to 15 minutes. Combining Power Apps and Microsoft Teams, the airBaltic team has […]

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Illusion of digital development might cost us competition

We are often willing to think that we represent a digitally developed country. To some extent, it means living in the past and illusion. Living in the past, because we had one of the fastest internet connections in the world once, but this title has already been taken over by many countries. Living in an illusion, because there are sectors that have truly transformed, for example, widely accessible state and local government services in the digital environment, nevertheless the results are quite different in the private sector. One should admit that the available infrastructure in Latvia is still at an excellent level; however, it is just a tool to be applied, otherwise it does not matter.

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Digital Mind AS announces acquisition of ERP solution professionals Alna Business group

Digital Mind AS, a business process digitalization specialist for large and mid-sized organizations in Baltic states, announced that it has acquired a 100% stake in Alna Business UAB, Alna Business Solutions UAB, and its subsidiary in Poland Alna Business Solutions Sp. z o.o (referred to as Alna Business group), a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) […]

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6 benefits of intelligent process automation

By introducing intelligent process automation (RPA – robotic process automation) in a medium or large company, the organisation, its employees, and its customers will benefit. In addition, when assessing the benefits, it is important to not only consider the immediate return on investment, but also benefits that are not immediately measurable in monetary terms, but will have a long-term impact, such as a reduction in routine tasks will increase employee satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

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