Digital Mind business line SigningServices spins-off in to a new company TrustLynx and attracts investment to scale

Key facts:

  • As of 13.04.2023, Digital Mind announces division of SigningServices business line in to a separate company – TrustLynx OÜ.
  • TrustLynx has attracted venture capital from Startup Wise Guys and FundingBox VC to accelerate its development and expansion to new markets.
  • DigitalMind remains as institutional investor and partner of TrustLynx to provide uninterrupted service to the existing and new customers supporting their digital transformation journeys. 
  • During corporate restructuring, no disruptions and interruptions are planned with support and product maintenance service to the existing clients
  • SigningServices product founders Keit Kivisild and Edgars Stafeckis will manage TrustLynx OÜ.

SigningServices ( is a trust services integration platform being developed by Digital Mind (, an enterprise application specialist that helps large and mid-size organizations implement sustainable business practices by digitalizing their core business processes. 

Over the last 3 years, SigningServices has grown into a notable digital identity, e-signing and e-sealing integration technology that is an important part of different client internal systems, self-service portals, internetbanks, e-commerce platforms, medical information systems, ERP, HRM software and more across Baltics and beyond.  

To further accelerate development of the technology, Digital Mind shareholders have agreed to spin-off SigningServices business line, including product IP, client agreements and the team, into a stand-alone company – TrustLynx – along with attraction of investment by Startup Wise Guys and FundingBox VC. 

For our customers this change means improved service, a faster pace of innovations, continuous addition of further trust services and product integrations. 

From now on SigningServices by Digital Mind are TrustLynx!

“We are excited about the future of our company under our new name, and we remain committed to providing the same great products and services that our customers have come to expect.” Comments Edgars Stafeckis, CEO of TrustLynx.

“We have strategically developed SigningServices into a notable technology that is being used by dozens of clients from various industries all over Baltic states. Now, the business has reached the stage where it is ready to expand to other European countries, thus attracting venture capital and separating it into stand-alone company is a premeditated next step in line with our strategy. I wish Keit and Edgars a lot of fun and success developing TrusLynx into a strong company with thousands of happy customers!” states Rinalds Sluckis, CEO of Digital Mind AS. 

TrustLynx will continue development of it’s products and technology partnerships, introducing support of additional relevant Trust Services Providers and services to support expansion internationally. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team, and we will be happy to assist you.