Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously known as Dynamics NAV and Navision) is an all-in-one business management solution by Microsoft. It provides small to medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive set of tools for finance, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales, and customer service.

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Improve decision making

Drive benefits for your customers, employees, and organization

Accelerate time to value

Speed up innovation

Stay ahead of your competition

With its intuitive interface, flexible deployment options, and seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as Office 365 and Power BI Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers businesses to make better decisions and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Whether you’re a growing startup or an established enterprise, Business Central provides the tools and insights you need to stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals.

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Dynamics 365 Business central functionality

Business Central offers a range of functionality for different business areas, including financial management, inventory management, sales and purchasing, project management, and customer service. It also includes advanced features such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, to help businesses streamline their operations and stay competitive.

Financial Management and Accounting
  • General ledger
  • Budget management
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Bank account and payment flow management
  • Long-term asset management
  • Formation of various financial statements
Artificial Intelligence
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Late Payment Prediction
  • Sales Forecast
  • Image Recognition
  • Inventory Forecast
Sales and service administration
  • Sales contracts and orders
  • Sales and profitability analysis
  • Sales pricing management
Supply chain Management
  • Stock planning and management
  • Management of purchase orders and supplier commitments
  • Purchase pricing management
Production management

From the planning phase to the final product: planning of resources and raw materials, supervision of production orders and product cost formation.

Project management and resource planning
  • From project budgeting to final evaluation
  • Monitoring projects and their assigned resources and inventories
  • Plan vs Actual comparison
Service Management Planning
  • Time reporting for service specialists
  • Providing customer service according to contractual terms
  • Planning and execution of orders for goods needed for the service
  • Service profitability analysis
Business analytics and information management
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information and business process analysis with the help of Power BI to support the right business decisions.
MultiCompany ir MultiLanguage support

Enable smooth business development with multi-company accounting and multi-language support.

Business Central On-premise vs SaaS

Dynamics 365 Business Central can be deployed on a company‘s server (On-premise) or in the Microsoft‘s cloud (Sofware-as-a-service). With the SaaS version you will not have to worry about system licenses, SQL licenses, servers, maintaining server rooms, and the associated staff - all of the system‘s running costs, including the schedulled updates are already included in the monthly fee. If you opt in for complete control over your ERP including the IT infrastructure and update schedule – On-premise version is the right pick for you.


  • Subscription fees
  • Implementation fees
  • Training fees
  • Extension costs
  • Maintenance fees.


  • Licensing cost
  • Customizations
  • Implementation fees
  • Hardware costs
  • IT personnel costs
  • Maintenance fees
  • Training fees

Dynamics 365 is trusted by Latvian enterprises

More than 33% of Latvian companies with at least 90 employees run Dynamics 365 as their primary business management system.*
Contact us to receive the key takeaways from the “Latvian ERP Market Overview” research paper.

*Research commissioned by Digital Mind in 2021, surveying 150+ companies with at least 90 employees.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central benefits

Business Central offers increased efficiency, improved visibility and control over their operations, and the ability to make data-driven decisions. Its integration with other Microsoft tools such as Power BI and Office 365 also enhances collaboration and productivity across different teams and departments.

Increase financial and business performance

Accelerate financial close, improve forecasting, and get real-time performance metrics and reporting while fostering compliance across subsidiaries.

Optimize inventory and supply chain management

Deliver products on time and adapt to changing business models with visibility across purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouses.

Improve warehouse operations

Reduce operations costs with efficient warehouse operations that help you ship orders on time and deliver on promised customer outcomes

Provide optimal manufacturing outputs

Produce within supply and capacity constraints, create detailed BOM's and increase the efficiency of your production process.

Boost sales and improve customer service

Take better care of customers by managing the entire sales process from within Outlook, and deliver better outcomes with connected service operations.

Finish projects on time and in budget

Ensure successful project execution and profitability with planning, resourcing, tracking, costing, billing, accounting, and real-time intelligence.

Unlock productivity and business insights

Connect people, processes, and insights to make better decisions faster with embedded guidance, dashboards, and interoperability with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

ROI and key savings with D365 Business Central

Learn how businesses reduce costs and increase overall efficiency using Business Central in this research, commisioned by Microsoft.


ROI with Dynamics 365 Business Central over three years

< 1 year

To payback


Reduction in finance and operations hiring needs

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Results are over three years for a composite organization based on interviewed customers. The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, September 2020.

TOP 10 questions about D365 Business Central

Is D365 Business Central adapted to the Latvian market?

Yes, this is ensured by the official Latvian localization, certified by „Microsoft“.

Does D365 Business Central have AI functionality?

Dynamics 365 Business Central revolutionises the way businesses operate with its advanced artificial intelligence features.

Cash flow forecast: say goodbye to financial uncertainty! With Cash Flow Forecast, you can make informed decisions about your finances, ensuring that your business continues on the path to success.
Late Payment Prediction: AI-driven Late Payment Prediction helps you predict potential late payments, allowing you to take proactive steps to prevent them.
Sales Forecasting: Make data-driven decisions that increase your profits. Sales Forecast uses AI algorithms to analyse historical data and predict future sales trends, empowering you to effectively plan and build sales strategies.
Image recognition: Say goodbye to manual inventory management! This AI-powered feature automatically detects image attributes and helps you describe products for e-commerce.
Inventory Forecasting: Optimise stock levels and reduce storage costs. The AI-powered inventory forecasting feature creates demand forecasts, helping you strike the perfect balance between stock availability and cost savings.

What‘s the difference between Navision, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Business Central is the new version of the Microsoft‘s ERP previously known as Navision and Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics 365 Business Central has two plans: Essential and Premium, what‘s the difference between them?

The Premium plan includes full functionality with every system module available: Finance management, Sales and marketing, Fulfillment and delivery, Purchasing and payables, Inventory, Supply planning and availability ,Project management, Warehouse management, Service management and Manufacturing). The Essential plan includes access to every module EXCEPT Service management and Manufacturing.

Why should businesses choose the SaaS version over On-premise?

You don’t have to worry about system licenses, SQL licenses, servers, maintaining server rooms, and the associated IT staff. The system‘s running costs are included in the set monthly fee with the scheduled updates already included in the cost.

Can Dynamics 365 Business Central be customized to meet specific business needs?

Yes, Dynamics 365 Business Central can be customized using extensions and apps to meet specific business needs. AppSource, the Dynamics 365 app destination boasts thousands of business aplications targeting specific business needs.

How can Dynamics 365 Business Central hel businesses manage finance and accounting?

Dynamics 365 Business Central enables real-time financial data, automated financial processes, and customizable financial reports.

How can Dynamics 365 Business Central help manage inventory?

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps to manage inventory by providing real-time inventory data, automating inventory management processes, and optimizing inventory levels.

How can Dynamics 365 Business Central help improve their production managament?

Business Central can help companies plan and schedule their production activities more effectively by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, production capacity, and customer demand. This allows companies to optimize their production schedules, reduce lead times, and improve on-time delivery performance.

How can Dynamics 365 Business Central help businesses manage their projects?

Dynamics 365 Business Central can help businesses manage their projects by providing project planning and tracking tools, real-time project data, and customizable project reports.

Can Dynamics 365 Business Central with other software applications?

Yes, Dynamics 365 Business Central can be integrated with a variety of software applications, including CRM systems, eCommerce platforms, and third-party accounting software. Seamless integration with Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and Power BI is readily available out of the box.

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