”Microsoft CEE” Regional Director: this is the right time for process automation

Robots are no longer a rarity in our workplaces, but we are now at a tipping point where their presence is set to grow very rapidly. For the first time in history, we are at a point in technology development where people without an advanced IT education can create applications and simple technologies to grow their business, says Mirad Maglić, Regional Director of “Microsoft CEE”.

He believes that this is the right time to start automating processes in the company, as it is a great tool to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic. Remote working raises concerns about how to supervise employees, how to collaborate, how to ensure security. Automation cannot solve all these problems, but it can help a lot to overcome these difficult times and contribute to the development of the company.

Mirad Maglić points out that customers demand ever faster service delivery, but human potential and capacity for technical operations is limited, so it is wise to outsource them to robots, thus getting faster results at lower cost, avoiding human errors, and allowing more time for innovation and strategic thinking.

He recommends trying Power Automate, a tool that helps create automated workflows between different apps and services to synchronise files, receive notifications, collect data and more. It will help increase productivity, become more efficient and improve safety. As well as Power Automate Desktop, available for free for personal and professional automation, and can help improve personal productivity.

Presentation by Mirad Maglić ”Robots as our colleagues. Why automation matters” during “Robots are here” conference organised by Digital Mind