Neste Latvija refuels and goes paperless

Neste Latvija has significantly streamlined its fuel card application process – working together with Digital Mind, they have transformed their client onboarding and service experience from paper-based to fully digital. The fuel card is a popular service among Neste’s customers – it’s a payment card valid across all Neste gas stations in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland, which also offers other perks such as discounts with selected vendors.

Neste Latvija is a daughter company of Neste Corporation. Neste is the world’s leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel and developing chemical recycling to combat the plastic waste challenge. Neste aim at helping customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with its renewable and circular solutions by at least 20 million tons annually by 2030. Neste has consistently been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and the Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable companies. With a total of 258 stations in the Baltic region, it’s a well-established brand, primarily known for the high quality fuels, convenience of its automated self-service stations and competitive fuel pricing.

Neste Latvija decided to take step ahead and further improve its services and customer experience. Digital Mind developed a business-to-consumer digital solution based on the OpenText ECM platform, which has led to tangible benefits from Neste’s perspective.

Ditching the paperweight

The old way of acquiring a Neste fuel card was quite time consuming. Although there was a digital option, most customers preferred to visit the company’s office or even send the relevant information via post. The whole process, from Neste’s perspective, involved a lot of phone calls, emails, and physical documents – in short, process required lot of company’s resources.

Processing applications took a long time – up to 10 days since it required manual data verification and credit checks. Things such as contract templates had to be physically printed. If a customer wanted to apply for a fuel credit card, this would involve even more printable documentation, such as bank statements.

Overall, it became clear that the application process was outdated and not according to high Neste customer service standards – it was time to overhaul the system and go paperless.

Digital Mind provided an apt solution, allowing Neste to digitalize the whole process. Customers can now breeze through the application process without having to deal with physical documents – all the information is managed in a digital format and verified with an e-signature. Neste acquired a tailor-made application for this purpose, which works in conjunction with OpenText ECM Suite. It supports the most popular personal identification e-services in the Baltic region: mobile ID, eID, SmartID.

Baiba Līce, Neste Latvija business solution manager, can now say with confidence that:
“The new solution is end-to-end digital. Nothing has to be printed, and only corrections require manual entry. It has helped us to significantly speed up application processing, which is now completely transparent, and notably improve the quality of our end-customer service.”

The right mix for Neste’s engine

The successful outcome of this overhaul rests on the software, namely – OpenText ECM and Digital Mind’s own SigningServices products. OpenText has been developing enterprise content management solutions for more than 30 years, and it has had a chance to play a part in many success stories, including giants such as AMD, Heineken, and L’Oréal. Neste Latvija has joined these distinguished ranks by adopting the OpenText platform and reaping the benefits of increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

OpenText Content Suite makes the digitalization transition as painless as possible. Any leftover physical documents can be scanned, indexed, and categorized. OpenText provides a platform for effective and secure enterprise data management, including various web features, data lifecycle control, and collaboration options. The user interface is highly customizable and offers seamless interaction with the most popular office productivity applications.

OpenText emancipated Neste’s employees from time-consuming manual tasks so they could allocate their time more efficiently. The fuel card application processing time was significantly reduced and made end-to-end transparent, reducing the risk of errors and security concerns. By recognizing customer expectations and implementing a much faster and safer way to acquire the much sought after fuel card, Neste can maintain its hard-earned reputation.

However, it’s unlikely that Neste will rest on its laurels. This is not the first time the company has collaborated with DigitalMind – they are well aware that the contemporary business environment demands a constant appetite for innovation and change. At the moment, the global paradigm seems to be the adaptation of digital solutions, and their series of collaborations with DigitalMind seems to have produced the winning formula – a partnership between a client who has a clear understanding of what they need and an experienced provider who can implement the right tools for the job.