OpenText Extended ECM

OpenText™ Extended ECM is an enterprise content and document management platform that enhances collaboration and productivity across organization, streamlining information management processes and reducing operational costs. With its scalability and advanced security features, OpenText Extended ECM empowers large enterprises to efficiently manage their vast volumes of data, ensure regulatory compliance, and make informed business decisions based on real-time insights.

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OpenText Extended ECM

Comprehensive enterprise content and document management solution

Enterprise-grade information governance

Drive organizational effectiveness

OpenText™ Extended ECM governs the information lifecycle by integrating with leading enterprise applications, such as SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office® 365, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP SuccessFactors®.

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OpenText Extended ECM Key functionality

OpenText Extended ECM provides a robust set of functionalities, including document management, records management, workflow automation, collaboration tools, and intelligent search capabilities, empowering enterprises to efficiently capture, organize, secure, and retrieve their critical business information throughout its entire lifecycle.

Document management

Securely captures, indexes, organizes, stores, secures, tracks and disposes of documents to increase employee productivity, reduce storage costs, meet corporate mandates and enhance information governance.

Business Workspaces

Provides fast, simple-to-digest access to pertinent information and pre-built templates to quickly create new workspaces that organize content, data, people and tasks related to a project, case or specific business goal.

Content applications, workflow and automation

Minimizes the need for point solutions with a configurable framework to automate low-value or manual tasks, refocusing valuable resources on business goals.Production: from planning to final product

Business application library

Reduces implementation efforts with pre-configured solutions to improve productivity and accelerate processes across the organization.

Containerized architecture

Enables easy upgrades and access to new features, capabilities and updates.

OpenText Cloud Managed Services

Provides optional support for application and infrastructure deployment, integration, ongoing management and optimization under a single SLA.

Enterprise Content Management vs Document Management

While Document Management Systems (DMS) primarily focus on organizing and controlling access to individual documents, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) encompasses a broader scope of functionalities. ECM goes beyond document management to include features like content lifecycle management, workflow automation, records management, and integration with other business systems. ECM aims to manage and leverage an organization's entire range of content, including documents, emails, images, videos, and more, to facilitate efficient information governance and enable better collaboration and decision-making across the enterprise.

OpenText Extended ECM

  • Manages a wide range of content, including documents, emails, images, videos, etc.
  • Encompasses document management, content lifecycle management, workflow automation, records management, integration with other systems, etc.
  • Enhances collaboration through advanced features like real-time editing, team collaboration spaces, task management, and discussion threads
  • Comprehensive information governance, including compliance management, metadata management, retention policies, and legal hold
  • Offers robust workflow automation to streamline business processes and improve efficiency
  • Enables seamless integration with various systems, such as CRM, ERP, HR, and more, to provide a unified view of information
  • Provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities for better insights into content usage, performance, and compliance
  • Strategic solution for enterprise-wide content management, aligning with long-term business objectives

Other Document Management Solutions

  • Focuses on individual documents
  • Organizes and controls access to documents
  • Provides basic collaboration features, such as version control and document sharing
  • Limited information governance capabilities
  • Limited workflow capabilities
  • May have limited integration capabilities with other business systems
  • Limited or basic reporting and analytics functionalities
  • Often implemented as standalone systems to meet immediate document management needs

OpenText Extended ECM Benefits

OpenText Extended ECM empowers businesses with enhanced compliance capabilities, streamlined processes, and a unified view of data, leading to increased productivity and better decision-making.

Enhanced Collaboration

OpenText Extended ECM facilitates seamless collaboration among teams and departments, enabling employees to easily access, share, and collaborate on documents and information, fostering productivity and teamwork.

Streamlined Information Management

The solution offers centralized control and management of enterprise content, enabling efficient document capture, classification, storage, and retrieval, leading to improved information governance and compliance.

Increased Operational Efficiency

OpenText Extended ECM automates manual and repetitive tasks, such as document routing and approval processes, reducing human error, minimizing delays, and increasing overall operational efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

The solution helps enterprises adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards by providing robust records management capabilities, audit trails, version control, and retention policies, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks.

Improved Decision Making

With intelligent search capabilities, analytics, and reporting functionalities, OpenText Extended ECM enables organizations to gain actionable insights from their data, facilitating informed decision making and driving business success.

Scalability and Flexibility

The solution is designed to accommodate the growing needs of large enterprises, offering scalability to manage vast amounts of content and the flexibility to adapt to evolving business requirements and workflows.

Enhanced Security and Data Protection

OpenText Extended ECM provides advanced security features, including access controls, encryption, and secure audit trails, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information.

Integration Capabilities

OpenText Extended ECM seamlessly integrates with other enterprise applications and systems, such as ERP, CRM, and productivity platforms, enabling organizations to leverage their existing technology investments and create a unified information ecosystem.

OpenText Extended ECM Apps by DigitalMind

Contract Management app

Based on centralized OpenText Extended ECM, the Contract Management app covers the entire contract management process: from contract creation and registration to approval workflow and signing to storing and archiving. The solution also allows for custom approval scenarios and workflows in a transparent and compliant environment.

Invoice Management app

The Invoice Management app covers the entire accounts payable invoice management process. From invoice preparation and registration to approval and administration in a secure storage.

HR app

HR document and process administration solution utilizes all document management and workflow automation technical capabilities. Each employee has  access to his / her documents in secure and centralized eFolder, where the files are provided together with relevant vacation, benefits, training certifications and other information.

Board meeting app

Based on centralized OpenText Extended ECM platform, the Board Meeting app helps the board members and corporate secretaries to be more prepared, engaged and aligned before, during and after board meetings. This addon helps to set up and follow a workflow that covers all the aspects of board meetings and enables compliance, transparency and the concept of going paperless.

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