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OpenText Suite 16 – End user as a priority

Whether we call it a digital revolution, a paradigm shift or simply a progress, it's very hard to deny that organizations today often face situations where old convenient tools and methods no longer suffice. Digitalization, process automation, data based business decisions - those are things that every company and employee must accept as crucial for both survival and further success. As global leader in Enterprise information management, OpenText recognizes that digital information is no longer only used by trained IT professionals. It is now routinely used all across organization by employees of different levels of skills and training. Therefore new OpenText Suite 16 emphasizes full seamless integration of all components as well as radical improvements in both UI and UX, which makes the platform significantly more user friendly. The main components of OpenText Suite 16 are Content Suite 16 and Process Suite 16.

New standard in Enterprise Content Management

Content Suite 16 is a new way to think about Enterprise Content Management (ECM); a new way to build the foundation for Digital Transformation and drive collaboration, competitive advantage, and customer service across the enterprise. Content Suite is all about the end user and Personal Productivity, with simple, intuitive tools and experiences that let people engage and work the way they want.Process Productivity has never been so well-connected. Content Suite bridges the silos and communication gaps that have isolated lead applications and hindered back-office efficiency. It’s all supported by new levels of industry-leading OpenText Control, the transparent, automated application of full governance and security to more structured and unstructured information than ever before. New Extended ECM platform with a Business User interface leverages the new UI and Connected Workspaces while extending the capacity to integrate ECM in additional lead applications that fuel processes. New productized offerings for Microsoft®/O365, Salesforce®, SuccessFactors® and enhancements to current offerings for SAP, Oracle®, SharePoint®.

Say goodbye to manual, routine everyday processes

Process Suite 16

OpenText Process Suite for business process management (BPM) enables businesses to rapidly analyze, build, and automate any business process. Business leaders gain critical visibility into operations at the right time empowering them to optimize results and drive growth and innovation.

As a market-leading BPM platform, OpenText Process Suite enables organizations to tackle their most pressing and complex process automation and case management challenges from a single platform. Business and IT can easily collaborate and get work done, quickly and effectively.

New Process Suite 16 adds new and extends the existing integration opportunities with other business management systems such as ECM, ERP and CCM. New integration with OpenText Information Hub (iHub), delivers integrated dashboards, extensible reports and greater analytics depth.

OpenText Suite 16 - tagad pilnībā pieejams mākonī

Understanding and supporting many organizations that want to free themselves from managing complicated IT infrastructure, OpenText now provides all OpenText Suite 16 components as cloud based solutions. Of course, you can still use everything as on-premises or hybrid deployments as well. As organization that has been using and selling OpenText solutions for more than 10 years, Digital Mind certainly feels that new OpenText Suite 16 is so far the most powerful, integrated and user friendly iteration of the best Enterprse Information Management platform out there. Our exprets will be happy to consult your organization about opportinities and benefits these solutions can provide. Please, contact us!