OpenText xECM: efficiency, speed, and security

As people continue to work remotely, many use Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Teams to organise meetings and share content with colleagues. However, these tools can create an uncontrolled flow of information that can be difficult to navigate, as well as other challenges. For example:

  • which employees should be involved in the project to avoid sharing sensitive business content with employees who do not need the content to perform their job?
  • which content to share to avoid overloading colleagues?
  • how to archive or delete content after the project is completed?

These issues can be addressed with the OpenText Extended ECM software.

Improved management

This software application reduces the process of creating and managing teams by automating the invitation of team members according to pre-defined patterns. Once a team has been created with appropriate security, specific employees will be invited to join, the correct tabs created and relevant information displayed based on the permissions of that team. The software also helps to manage the content lifecycle, freeing employees from manually deleting or archiving information.

User-friendly content

OpenText Extended ECM can integrate essential information from leading business applications such as SAP and Salesforce directly into the Office 365 interface, making content easy and convenient to use. This strong content integration improves decision-making and accelerates business processes. Employees have access to the information they need in one interface, regardless of where that information is physically stored.

Additional security

When content is added to the business desktop, it automatically inherits the correct classification, metadata, and security. This automation ensures time savings as you no longer have to worry about metadata, security, or rules related to how this content should be stored and for how long.

Microsoft Teams will continue to be popular as some employees will continue to want to work remotely. Therefore, it is crucial that organisations and businesses adapt to this new model to the best of their ability. The benefits of properly integrating Microsoft Teams content will ultimately increase productivity and reduce risks.