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Provide your services remotely! We offer SigningServices free of charge.

Many companies are now intensively thinking about how to provide services and run operations remotely. For that, user authentication and legal validation of transactions must be ensured. Electronic identification and electronic signatures are crucial to provide that.

Given the current situation and uncertainty about the consequences, we offer to use our SigningServices solution for 3 months free of charge.

With SigningServices you will be able to:

  1. Provide fully remote services while complying with social distancing requirements
  2. Confirm transactions and sign documents electronically online using Smart-ID, Mobile ID or eID card in a convenient and user-friendly way
  3. Comply with safety and regulatory requirements

Information about SigningServices

Responding to the Covid-19 outbreak and in the interests of society, customer service centers are being closed and work organized remotely as much as possible to comply with social distancing. Everyone is thinking how to provide customer service and keep business running.

By placing SigningServices in your company's online channels – customer portals and websites – customers will be able to apply and receive your services remotely using Smart-ID, Mobile ID or eID card in a convenient and easy way that focuses to provide outstanding user experience. The solution will work from within your company's firewalls, giving you full control over the electronic signing process and information security.

To implement electronic user authentication and signing, apply for SigningServices solution and you will receive instructions and advice on how to add the solution to your online channels.


The offer is valid until 03.04.2020.