Cloud business applications

Facing the new reality, where innovation and solutions need to be delivered within months and not years, where the availability of a talented workforce has become one of the major sustainability risks for most organizations in all sectors, businesses need to change their approach to how information management solutions are being developed, maintained, and modernized. The concept of building Cloud business applications using a low-code framework provides autonomy, flexibility, and agility to respond to an organization’s demands for adaptable and scalable solutions.

My organization needs to

  • Quickly develop a new application that can be adjusted to specific needs and maintained by our team;
  • Decrease the costs of application development and maintenance;
  • Increase the quality of customer service and gain a better understanding of customer needs;
  • Enable mobile workforce with relevant just-in-time data to increase their productivity;
  • Migrate from legacy on-prem systems into the cloud;
  • Reduce support and maintenance costs of legacy on-prem systems;
  • Quickly build integrations between internal and external information systems;
  • Better utilize existing Microsoft product infrastructure delivering higher business value;
  • Deliver more solutions to my business organization involving limited IT talent;


Any specially designed and customized information management system that an organization uses to automate its processes and runs in the cloud. This is not a standardized product, but a special solution developed according to the needs of the organization.

In many organisations process digitalization and automatization requirements arise more rapidly than the organisation can implement them. Lack of IT specialists and budget limits are significant obstacles that restrict the companies to improve their activity or introducing new services sooner and of a higher quality. A relatively long and complicated software development cycle, where several months may pass from defining the business need until receiving the first version of the product, does not allow the organisations to quickly respond to the events in the market and changes of the client requirements.

The concept of building Cloud business applications using a low-code framework provides autonomy, flexibility, and agility to respond to organization’s demands for adaptable and scalable solutions. Application development and Application modernisation practices using cloud-native low-code environment give customers the flexibility to adopt technology when and how they need it to improve their business outcomes. By using the low-code approach, costs of systems development may be reduced by 70%, and they may be partially developed by the business users themselves, reducing the load to IT professionals in the organisation. Gartner Research forecasts that 65% of all business applications of organisations will be developed in a low-code environment in 2024.


Organizations save investments for new application development and maintenance, and increase their resilience to changes:

  • Organizations that have invested in digital transformation also tend to implement better management practices;
  • Firms that have adopted advanced digital technologies tend to reward individual performance with higher pay;
  • Organizations enhance productivity and make decisions quicker thru immediate access to required content in the right context for all process participants;
  • Rapid cloud application development can save up to 50% of traditional system development costs;
  • Working with modern cloud business applications creates an environment to attract young talent;
  • Organizations save costs in increasing operating margins by decommissioning legacy systems and hardware infrastructure and migrating business functionality into cloud apps;


There is an unlimited number of use-cases for Cloud business applications. From digital customer service via integrated mobile apps and internal portals to prescriptive manufacturing infrastructure maintenance using IoT data and advanced analytics. Every organization in every industry has challenges that can be solved, and opportunities that can be captured using modern Cloud business applications. Digital Mind develops business-critical applications using the Microsoft Power Platform framework.

Here at Digital Mind, we help large and mid-size organizations implement sustainable business practices by digitalizing their core business processes. Our process digitalization solutions support environment – social – governance strategies and let clients in various industries focus on sustainable financial growth, the well-being of their employees, and making a positive impact on society.

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