Digital Strategy

Why do organizations need a digital strategy?

Digital development of an organization has become an important part of an overall business strategy. In today’s world business technology no longer plays a supportive role in business processes. Rapid technological advancement and widespread availability of technology allows to organizations to completely change the way business interacts with its customers and employees, by providing services and business models that did not exist only few years ago.

It’s important to remember that digital strategy does not equal IT strategy. It’s because digital strategy covers not only the functional planning of supportive technology, but also pays much attention to the evaluation enabling technologies, to improvement of the digital customer experience, to the strengthening of data analysis role in the business decision making, and to the development of the necessary digital skills and competencies within organization.

Therefore a clearly defined digital strategy is a must for any organization that wants to have a sustainable and responsible growth.

Digital development planning for Kreiss

For the largest Latvian logistics services provides, Kreiss, we helped with definig a 3 year digital development plan, identifying what changes need to be made in the business processes, their priority, and the necessary technology solutions to help execute them. We also helped our customer to identify their current situation and the current level of technology used in the company, and to analyze and predict overall industry trends. Multiple development scenarios were mapped together with the most appropriate technology solutions and digital skills required to use them.

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