Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
In short, Enterprice Content Management is an ongoing and evolving strategy for maximizing how your content is to be used to achieve your business goals.
To be more specific, ECM is the systematic collection and organization of information that is to be used by a designated audience – business executives,employeees, customers, etc. Neither a single technology nor a methodology nor a process, it is a dynamic combination of strategies, methods, and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver information supporting key organizational processes through its entire lifecycle.
  • Capture is essentially entering content into the system.
  • Manage is what you do next to it, so it can be found and used by whomever it is intended for.
  • Storing it means finding it an appropriate home in your infrastructure, be it a formal content management system or other information solution.
  • Preserve refers to long-term care – archiving, if you will – the practice of protecting it so it can be utilized however far into the future the organization needs it to be available.
  • And deliver is all about putting the information in the right people’s hands right when they need it to be there.

Enterprise Content Management is an umbrella term and may include and refer to any of the following terms or activities: Document management, Invoice Management, Records management, Project management, Asset management, Personnel management, Customer life-cycle management, Product life-cycle management, Complaints management, Case management, Digitalization, Paperless office, GDPR compliance and many other.

AMBER BEVERAGE GROUP business process automation

While executing a multi-stage business process digitization project, Digital Mind delivered multiple solutions to our customer Amber Beverage Group (ABG). Business processes such as: Contract Management, Product Quality Management, New Product Development, Employee Evaluation, Internal Audit, Maintenance of the Normative Documents Database and others were fully or partly digitized and automated. These solutions based on OpenText Content Suite ECM system are currently actively used and deliver significant savings in both time and money in multiple companies of the ABG holding in all three Baltic States.

Automation of document management and business processes for ABLV

We have been working with ABLV bank since 2008. During these 9 years we’ve executed multiple important projects. Initially we audited the document management process in the bank, and then proceeded to plan a company-wide enterprise content management (ECM) system, according to the functional and technical requirements of the customer. Digital Mind delivered, implemented and continues to maintain the OpenText Content Suite information management system that enables centralized, unified and comprehensive document and content management. E-archive, that is also based on this system and is fully integrated with other IT systems of the bank, enables ABLV to safely and fully digitally store and manage information about every customer. These solutions are currently used by over 850 employees in bank’s central office and remote offices in multiple countries.

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