Enterprise content management

My organization has experienced: loss of business information and documents; increasing costs in managing, storing, and archiving business information; compliance issues and risks (e.g., GDPR) due to lack of control and transparency of business information; disrupted employee collaboration due to inefficient information availability; decreased productivity due to ineffective and costly document flows, pressure from stakeholders about missing good corporate governance practices.

My organization needs to

  • Reduce paper document flow, digitize internal information;
  • Improve contract management process, reduce costs and losses related to contract management;
  • Digitize invoice processing. Implement e-invoicing. Reduce invoice management process costs;
  • Digitize document archive. Increase document and data availability. Reduce physical archiving costs;
  • Increase security and manage access to business information. Reduce time spent on business information searching;
  • Securely archive electronic documents in compliance with national and international regulations;
  • Reduce document storage and management costs;
  • Sign documents with employees, clients, and partners electronically;
  • Share relevant documents with clients and partners securely;
  • Migrate from outdated to modern document management systems;
  • Enable document and information access for mobile workforce;
  • Integrate document flows with ERP and other application processes;
  • Automate complex document processing and data exchange workflows to reduce process costs;
  • Strengthen internal governance procedures and improve communication with stakeholders;


Organisations in all industries significantly save costs, time, improve information access, increase the quality of decision making and strengthen their corporate governance practices. Stored and archived information is quickly accessible anytime, anywhere. Paper-based tasks are eliminated completely.

  • Our client in the banking industry digitalized all legacy client files and reduced physical archiving premises and associated costs by 67%;
  • Our client in transportation and logistics was able to free-up 15 FTEs by centralizing all incoming/outgoing document flows into a single digital mailroom;
  • Our client in the capital project industry has reduced office lease by 30% enabling a hybrid workforce business model by implementing paperless office solutions;
  • Organizations improve their information governance and communication practices with involved stakeholders – structured and transparent information flows, information controls, and protection allows to reduce business risks and increase communication transparency;
  • Organizations enhance productivity and make decisions quicker thru immediate access to required content in the right context for all process participants;
  • Organizations benefit from fully digitalized information flows and paperless office solutions that reduce paper consumption and cut unnecessary traveling enabling collaboration in a hybrid workforce environment;
  • IT operational expenses are reduced thru decommissioning of multiple legacy systems to manage all information in a single cost-effective platform while providing full integration with other business systems.


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a practice and set of technology solutions that help manage the entire lifecycle of critical business information and documents. ECM solutions are used to improve knowledge-worker productivity, streamline document workflows by eliminating paper-based processes, increase information availability, control, and transparency, and reduce operational risks.

ECM technology allows organizations in all industries to capture, digitalize, manage, access, control, archive, and integrate business-critical information and bring structure and control to their information management. ECM solutions provided by Digital Mind enable companies to organize and systematize unstructured content and to deliver it to the chosen audience.

We have delivered more than 200 various projects and solutions using OpenText technology helping our customers increase their productivity and implement sustainable business practices. OpenText is the world leader in Information Management solutions, helping companies securely capture, govern and exchange information on a global scale.

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