SigningServices by DigitalMind

SigningServices mission is to increase efficiency of organisations in the region with possibilities provided by digital signing.


Implementation of digital signing in business processes has been our routine for years and we have accumulated the experience and know-how gained from the projects in a solution – SigningServices - that:

  • simplifies digital signing experience for users by removing unnecessary actions from users, in addition, who no longer require sophisticated installations to generate, share, track, sign, validate, archive etc. a document.
  • supports local and international signing - organisations can define which country's identities need to be supported and users may choose which of their signing means to use – currently we support ID cards and mobile IDs issued in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania as well as Smart-ID. The list of supported signing means is being constantly updated, including, on-demand.
  • is a plug-and-play software solution with REST APIs for seamless implementation. Out-of-the-box connectors are available for commonly used business applications like OpenText ContentSuite, OptimalSystems Enaio, MS Sharepoint (coming soon) and others. List of connectors is being constantly updated.
  • provides maximum flexibility and security in terms of deployment options and functionality with its micro-services architecture.
  • is compliant to eIDAS Regulation that lays down the legal framework for electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic time stamps, electronic documents, electronic registered delivery services and certificate services for website authentication.
  • provides fast return-on-investment. According to our experience and available benchmarks, savings from several thousands of digitally versus manually signed documents per year already generate return on investment.

Typical use-cases of SigningServices

Signing of internal documents. The most common use-case for SigningServices is digital signing of internal documents during an approval or content generation process, for example:
  • Governance documents - board / supervisory board meeting minutes, decisions, correspondence etc.
  • Finance documents - acts, commercial contracts, reports etc.
  • Personnel documents - applications, orders, contracts etc.
  • Quality management - normative documents, policies, SOPs etc.
  • Customer documentation - contracts, forms, applications, correspondence, etc.
  • Industry specific documents, like asset maintenance records, project management records, product inspection records etc.
  Fully digital customer service. Possibility to service remotely provides not only efficiency and savings potential for organisations, but also a convenient and fast remote service option to customers and partners. In fact, many companies face demand for such possibility from their customers and partners, for example:
  • Customer on-boarding - companies that are subject of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing e.g. credit institutions, licensed creditors, insurance companies, qualified auditors, investment management companies, etc. can use SigningServices to onboard new customers.
  • Customer identification and contract signing - integrate SigningServices in your e-commerce, self-service or third-party online channel to serve your customers - sell new product or service, update existing contracts, identify for requests e.g. for GDPR requests. Don't make them waist time on the road to come to branch!
  • Get rid of paper in your services and supply chain - sign contracts, acts of acceptance, write-offs, orders, reports, basically any document weather signer is a customer in your branch, a supplier at a delivery point, or it is the end customer at the door confirming service received. Think you customer journey and supply chain!
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