Ziemeļlatvijas Mežsaimnieks sows the seeds for a sustainable and innovative future

With the help of Digital Mind, Ziemeļlatvijas Mežsaimnieks (ZLM) has adopted a centralized project and data management system, which allows an efficient and intuitive task assignment and execution. Digital Mind implemented a well-proven solution based on the Microsoft ecosystem, which consists of a model-driven app, Power Automate, and SharePoint. By embracing this transformation, ZLM has affirmed its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


ZLM has provided forestry services since 2014 in a fast-growing and competitive industry. Since then it has established itself as a modern and customer-friendly company. Questions and issues related to forestry can often seem daunting for the layman, and ZLM has chosen a refreshing no-nonsense approach – their slogan is: “The forestry industry is overgrown with myths. It’s time to start managing your forest with a fresh look.” Potential customers can rest assured about the authenticity of this attitude – the company has proven it by embracing an ambitious digital overhaul.

No risk of getting lost in a forest

Some of the challenges ZLM encountered prior to the collaboration with Digital Mind were:

  1. Project management processes were handled manually and subsequently hard to trace
  2. It wasn’t easy to manage, find and categorize data, and they lacked the feature to assign various access levels
  3. Issues with work planning, productivity, and project deadlines
  4. Lack of a platform, which could provide analytics and reporting capabilities

The digital solution provided by Digital Mind managed to tackle all of these issues with a robust and intuitive approach. The implementation of a model-driven app allowed the company to utilize dashboards, forms, views, and charts – packed together in one platform with a user-friendly interface, which offers various accessibility features.

The introduction of Power Automate unlocked the potential to create automated processes – and thus streamline repetitive tasks. Power Automate is a Microsoft service that helps organizations to create automated workflows between various apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more.

The decision to use the Microsoft platform is easily explained – it provides an interconnected ecosystem with well-proven and widely used tools. Microsoft products will likely remain relevant and competitive in the future so there is no risk of suddenly ending up with outdated or unsupported software. ZLM selected Digital Mind to do the implementation based on a previous experience by some key employees in the past. The decision to entrust the project to a certified Microsoft partner with a proven track record testifies to ZLM’s clear vision of what they wanted to achieve – tangible results with true and tried solutions.

Digital agility wins the day

ZLM’s digital overhaul has paid off – early benefits of these improvements were felt within the first few weeks. The company is now using a powerful and versatile platform, which allows effective project and workflow management. They can store, share and analyze data with insightful tools and boost their productivity with automation and AI, as well as track their employee performance. The company can now acquire better business insight, which in the long term stands to improve its competitive advantage.


One of Digital Mind’s customers was pleasantly surprised to experience “Less complexity than expected from an IT project”. Digital implementation projects sometimes get a bad reputation for being too obtuse – it’s likely a myth that has survived from the days when personal computers were the size of a wardrobe. ZLM’s experience tells a different story – digital solutions can be relatively painless and bring immediate benefits if you know what you want and find the right partner to deliver it.


ZLM has chosen the path of digitalization and innovation. Already a reputable and well-established company prior to collaboration with Digital Mind, they have now gone the extra mile with this undertaking, demonstrating an acute understanding of the modern business environment, which demands constant flexibility.


Very few people these days would dispute that digital solutions will dominate the future – but it’s important to understand that the fruits of these endeavors will not simply fall into everyone’s hands. These new solutions and associated benefits require active engagement, even a certain appetite for risk. The future, as always, will favor the bold, and Ziemeļlatvijas Mežsaimnieks seems to be well-prepared.